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Separatech supply complete-remanufactured high-speed disc separation machines (separators and purifiers) and a wide range of industrial spare-parts. Owing to their decades of expertise in the separation technology, they are also the exclusive importer/distributor of decanters of USA’s Centrisys Centrifuge Systems for Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand markets. Coupled with their unrivalled field and in-house technical services, Separatech is today the leading centrifuge solutions provider in the region.

Centrisys’ (USA) Decanter Systems
Decanter Centrifuge :- The Concept
The centrifuge is a rotating assembly that uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. The materials fed into the centrifuge each have different specific gravities which allow them to "settle" concentrically at different levels in the rotating assembly of the centrifuge. The material with the higher specific gravity (solids) will settle on the inside wall of the rotating assembly, while the lighter material (liquids) remain towards the core of the rotating assembly. The internal conveyor (scroll) which is rotating at a slightly different speed moves the settled material up the "beach" of the conical end of the machine towards the discharge ports. Solids are compacted and dewatered by the centrifugal force and released through these ports. Used liquids from the process are released at the opposite end of the machine through adjustable weir plates.

Our 2-Phase centrifuges are designed to separate one solid and one liquid.

Our 3-Phase centrifuges are designed to separate one solid and two liquids